About Us


About The Knockout Empire:

Knockout Empire is a Las Vegas based lifestyle brand.  We are boxing fans.  We live boxing, we breathe boxing, we love boxing.  Our goal is to bring classic design to the modern boxing world with our products and promotions.    Knockout Empire is not just t shirts, it is a culture.  Promotional opportunities are everywhere, we plan on using them all.

For Our Customers:

Knockout Shirts is a Las Vegas based retailer of boxing and MMA related T Shirts. We strive to provide boxing fans with the ability to express themselves.

For Fighters:

We partner with active and retired boxers to sell their official T Shirt designs. If you are a professional boxer (retired or active) and would like to sell an official Knockout Empire fighter design through our website, contact us with your information at info@knockoutshirts.com. You do not need to hold any inventory, we take care of everything for you.

Our services are standard licensing agreements.  We sell your designs through our website and split the profits with you when a sale is made.  If you have official graphics that you want to use, you provide them to us and we take care of the rest.  If you do not have graphics, we will work with you to create kickass designs (our design fee will be deducted from your portion of sales) so you do not have to design your T Shirts or hold any inventory.  We do it all, you get a monthly check.

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